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The five advantages of steaming stove

Advantages one, energy saving
The use of more advanced negative pressure oxygen combustion technology, negative pressure fan to ensure full combustion of coal. To avoid the positive pressure combustion to bring the uneven temperature, burning impermeable, smoke overflow, local burns and so on to defects. Let energy go at the starting point - from burning! Coal demand phase

For traditional heating methods can save 30% to 50%. Culture hot stove lit after direct heating, heat utilization is extremely high. Double fan user-friendly design, more energy efficient and more efficient. The operation of the fan and the smoke machine is controlled by the temperature automatic control device, the largest section

Can save energy.

    Advantage two, efficient
    In addition to the advantages of the traditional hot-blast stove, the hot-blast stove is used to maximize the heat dissipation of the furnace body without the use of the insulation material, so that the hot-blast stove still controls the smoke outlet temperature of the chimney at a furnace temperature of 150 C Within 100 . use

The domestic advanced secondary combustion technology, so that smoke smoke once again fully burned, and effectively ensure that the bituminous coal volatiles and particles in the high temperature and oxygen mixed combustion to be fully efficient use. Chicken heating up rapidly, brooding area of 120 minutes to reach 38 ,

The amount of coal is 5-25kg / h.
    Advantages of three, environmental protection
    The furnace uses a combination of combustion and heat transfer, the furnace part of the high temperature part of the implementation of the latest heating technology, smoke and clean air each line. Air through the furnace heated to 180 , into a non-toxic, sterile, clean and clean fresh air.
    Advantage four free
    Unique furnace design, can shed shed inside and outside the cycle, within the cycle, automatic switching, heating and ventilation simultaneously, quickly reduce the greenhouse ammonia. Completely eliminate chicken poisoning, effective prevention of respiratory diseases.

    Advantages of five, safe
Product heating without radiator, no water, safe operation; not burning shed, not shed, no maintenance, easy installation. The furnace is working even at full load. Still be able to have enough high heat utilization. In the use of the process does not overflow, do not leak, not crack, do not burst, men and women can operate.

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